Catalog Search

On the advanced research  page, you can carry out your research by using one or more post boxes depending on preferred criteria and on available information.

A list of books will be presented. Each item contains the following information: book code, author, editor and edition place, titol, price and book conditions. All the information provided about the book is possible to print by clicking on "print".

 By clicking on the area which outlines the text of the book, you are able to gain access to the complete fact-sheet where miniature images, which can also be enlarged, will be visualized. By clicking on “Print” the fact - sheet will be printed for you.


Reserch methods:

Your research can be completed in the following ways:

 Free reserch

Here the research can be done in all areas of the catalogue by simply inserting a key word - author, title, editor, bibliography.., sub title, series, etc. This type of research is easier to use but less selective.

Advanced reserch


  • Book code ( if known)
  • ISBN ( EAN ) code
  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • Year : insert the period of time including the books which interest you ( eg.. From 1800 to 1899 )
  • Collection
  • Language
  • New/Used
  • Price 
  • Category