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Their books never abandon you. You surely will abandon them now and again, you’ll probably even cheat the books, but they never turn your back: in complete silence and immense humbleness, they wait for you on the shelf…. ( Amos Oz)

Welcome to Antica Libreria,

a young company, born in 2003, that has grown with enthusiasm, dedicated and passionate for “ the sweet old scent” of printed paper it’s become and in our minds, a reference point for many book enthusiasts, studiers, collectors and those passionate for literature.

Since 2008 antica libreria belongs to A.L.A.I ( italian antique bookseller association) who represents and unifies, into the world of the best italian bookshop, the culture of antique and modern books. Antica libreria accepts the deontologic code of "collection of uses and customs"  approved by  L.I.L.A / I.L.A.B ( the international bookseller  association ); this is another quality warranty.

In our collection with a rich catalogue that’s always updated with rare antique books, new and first editions.
We don’t even miss the pleasures of books like FMR.
We also stock manuscripts, musical scores and geographical maps.

Our attention is directed to you and for this we’ve looked at rendering the easy use of the site, from the searches of texts that are of interest to you, to buying, we’ve also given you your “wishes”.

Our obligation is there forever: expressing our professionalism to give satisfaction, also thanks to your suggestions, those like us love books and enjoy our site.

We always listen to you because your opinion helps us learn.


Antica Libreria S.r.l.
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